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Welcome aboard!

Our easy to navigate website offers the opportunity to choose today’s lunch, find the freshest fish to grillfor supper, arrange a romantic lobster dinner for two, or plan abackyard bash with a New England style clambake... it’s all just aclick away to keep you on a steady course and smooth sailing through your busy day! Especially since the cold weather is starting to roll in.

We invite you to take a leisurely cruise through our pages for specials, menus, great recipes and helpful hints.

Incase you're a new shopper to Fort Hill Seafood, here's a quick look at what our place looks like. If you pass us, you're more then welcome to stop on by. And hey! We're open every single day of the year including holidays. So whether it's halloween, labor day or even christmas day we're open! So you're always more then welcome to always stop on by.